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Most businesses are not achieving their full potential. And that usually centers around time, people, or money. Your business is taking too much of your time, you don’t have enough people or they are driving you nuts, or the money just isn’t there. Maybe all 3…

Now, there are three types of work and you are, most likely, really good at one of them.
You are really good at the Technical Work, the thing that you do. But how are you at the Entrepreneurial and Managerial Work that are required to run a thriving business? Can you define those and clearly state how much time you spend each week working on the Entrepreneurial and Managerial Work?

What if you had a clear, defined path to help you get where you want to go? In other words, what if you had a clear, defined path for you to build your business into a successful and fulfilling one?

Have you seen Alex Hormozi’s Value Equation? It looks like this:

A) Dream Outcome     X     B) The Perceived Likelihood of Achievement
_____________________________________________________   = (V) VALUE
C) Perceived Time Delay   X    D) Perceived Effort and Sacrifice 

Now, if you’re still reading this, it’s highly likely that your Dream Outcome is to transform your business into one you love working in, and physically going to, every day. One that pays your bills, rewards you for your efforts, allows you to start getting ahead, and that you (and your team) find fulfilling and inspiring.

Half of businesses fail in their first 5 years. Another 20-30% fail in their second 5 years, for different reasons, but nonetheless, they disappear.
Of those that are left after 5-10 years, how many do you think are truly fulfilling?
Given that only about 1/3 of employees are engaged at work, meaning they are emotionally and behaviorally connected to their work, the number of fulfilling businesses is exceedingly low.

So, in this environment your Perceived Likelihood of Achieving your Dream Outcome is probably “not very likely”.

Now, Matt and Sturdy’s clients have achieved their Dream Outcomes and continue to do so every day. They’ve built businesses that they find fulfilling, generate a profit, and that their entire teams love. 

The reason is that Matt & Sturdy have figured out the path to tip the scales in your favor. The path not only helps you survive, but thrive, in a boundless and unfulfilling sea of disengagement.

But how? This must take years, you say. Surely, it’s an arduous and drawn-out journey? Well, it isn’t. (And don’t call me Surely.) The path Matt & Sturdy have mapped out, the path that will get you to your Desired Outcome, can happen with as little as 1 hour of focused work each week.

And with that you can achieve your Dream Outcome with an unwavering level of surety. You can do so in only 1 hour each week of focused work. And what you work on each week is mapped out for you…

now what is that worth to you and your business?

What if that path included ways to engage and communicate with your team, connected you with a community of other business owners on the same path (people we call our Besties!), and provided you access to Matt & Sturdy every other week? 

What would that be worth?

What is transforming your life and your business worth?

Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

Now we decided long ago that we want to make this accessible to everyone who owns a business.

We’re not going to play games with you here. Instead, we’re offering this program at a rate that anyone who actually has a business can afford.

That’s why it’s only $300.

Not a month, but once. $300 USD.

We’ll even throw in free shipping, anywhere in the world.
We’ll send the book and posters to you anywhere in the world, for free.
Yep, anywhere in the world. 

Why? Because we actually want to help as many business owners as possible. Not just a select handful, but thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t you want to transform your business into a business you love working in, and showing up to, every day? One that pays your bills, rewards you for your efforts, allows you to get ahead, and that you (and your team) find fulfilling and inspiring?

If that’s not you, why are you still here?

And if you’re skeptical, we get that. We’ve been promised things that aren’t true. So, check out what our Besties! are saying.

What our Besties! are saying:

I’ve gotten clear on my Core Values. It’s changed our culture.

Just Thank You! I really appreciate everything.

I personally love these calls. I like discussion. I like the fact that it forces me to pay attention to things that could easily get sidetracked and put on the back burner. It forces me to work On the business and also interact with other people and brainstorm with them and have them brainstorm with me. So, it feels very exciting and inspirational. It gives me a jump start.

If your business is not achieving its full potential, whether that’s time, people, or money, there is a straightforward and inexpensive path forward for you.

The Best Small Business In the World is almost yours!

The Business training and education you didn’t get in school.  


Are you a Café, Restaurant, or Bar Owner?

The World’s Best Growth Planner for Hospitality and Food Service Businesses is almost yours
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We can’t wait to see you among our new Besties.

Matt & Sturdy

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