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We’re running a quick test using Harvard Business Review’s format of Problem, Root Cause, Solution coupled with Alex Hormozi’s Value Equation from his book $100M Offers. You can use this format too for any offer you are making. We recommend getting Alex’s book for yourself. 

Please note, and this is critically important, the solution is completely dependent on an accurate diagnosis of the root cause, not just the symptoms (the problem). So, make sure that this Root Cause actually matches with yours. If it doesn’t, let us know and we’ll do our best to get you to the right place.

Problem: Your business is not achieving its full potential, whether that’s time, people, or money. Your business is taking too much of your time, your people are driving you nuts, or the money just isn’t there. Maybe all 3…

Root Cause: There are three types of work and you are good at one of them.
You are really good at the Technical Work, the thing that you do. But how are you at the Entrepreneurial and Managerial Work that are required to run a thriving business? 

Solution: A clear defined path to help you get where you want to go. In other words building a successful and fulfilling business. 

The Value Equation from Alex Hormozi and his book $100M Offers

A) Dream Outcome     X     B) The Perceived Likelihood of Achievement
_____________________________________________________   = (V) VALUE
C) Perceived Time Delay   X    D) Perceived Effort and Sacrifice 

A) Dream Outcome:
Transform your business into one you love going to / working in everyday. One that pays the bills, rewards you for your efforts, and that you (and your team) find fulfilling and inspiring.

B) The Perceived Likelihood of Achievement
Half of businesses fail in their first 5 years. Another 20-30% fail in their second 5 years.
Of those that are left, how many are fulfilling?, 

Given that only about 1/3 of employees are engaged at work, meaning they are emotionally and behaviorally connected to their work, the number of fulfilling businesses must be exceedingly low.

I haven’t gotten there on my own. But Matt and Sturdy’s clients have achieved it, They’ve built businesses that they find fulfilling, generate a profit, and that the entire team loves. 

Solution / (V) VALUE:
What if there were a path to tip the scales in your favor? Not only to help you survive but thrive in an unfulfilling sea of disengagement? 

C) Perceived Time Delay
What if this path took you only 1 hour a week?

D) Perceived Effort and Sacrifice
And what if this path was laid out for you in a clear and easy to follow way?

What would that be worth?

And what if that path not only included a step-by-step plan, but ways to engage and communicate with your team, a community of other business owners on the same path (we call them our Besties!), and what if you had access to the authors (Matt & Sturdy) every other week? 

What would that be worth?

And what if you could get all this for only $300?
Not a month, but a one-time payment of only $300?

We’ll even throw in free shipping of the book and posters, anywhere in the world.
Yep, anywhere in the world.

If your business is not achieving its full potential, whether that’s time, people, or money, there is a straightforward and inexpensive path forward for you.

The Best Small Business In the World is almost yours!

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