The Business Education You Didn’t Get In School

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Is your business reaching its full potential?
If you find that you are spending all of your time IN your business, and not working ON it, and it’s time to take you and your business to the next level, you are in the right place. 

Sturdy spent 2 years trying to write a business manual for his kids for when they start their own businesses. But it was turning out to be like every other business book out there. He was working with a coach who was guiding him in the tried and true ways of writing a traditional business book. But it just wasn’t clicking. 

Then Matt, Sturdy’s former business coach reached out with the project he was working on, what he was calling The Best Small Business In the World. When Sturdy saw the format and structure, along with the content Matt had taught him a decade earlier, it clicked. This was the manual, workbook, and tools, the stuff the schools don’t teach, without all the fluff. This was the program Sturdy wanted to create for his kids.

So Matt and Sturdy worked together on the final product and created The Best Small Business In the World Program.

We created The Best Small Business In the World to give you the entrepreneurial training that you didn’t get in school.

With this program you will take the first steps toward getting yourself out of the day-to-day, to begin really working ON your business, and to ultimately make your business simpler, easier, and more profitable. 

Join the program. 

Are you a Small Business Owner?

The World’s Best Growth Planner for Small Businesses is almost yours!

The Business training and education you didn’t get in school.  


Are you a Café, Restaurant, or Bar Owner?

The World’s Best Growth Planner for Hospitality and Food Service Businesses is almost yours
Cover Cafe and Bar Edition

Are you a Physical Therapist Private Practice Owner?

The World’s Best Growth Planner for Physio Businesses is almost yours

We can’t wait to see you among our new Besties.

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